Portable Air Conditioner for Your Next Camping Adventure

camping with icy breeze

If you go boating, car camping, to the beach, to your kids’ athletic events or even flying an airplane,  you’ll probably be bringing at least one big cooler with you to keep your food and drinks cold.  The IcyBreeze is a new idea that lets you take one cooler that also provides cool dry air – more than 30° cooler than the outdoor air!

“We are able to provide all the benefits of a cooler plus true air conditioning, in a compact and portable unit that has no Freon or chemicals and gives off no harmful exhaust,” says Andrew Jenkins, IcyBreeze CEO and President.  With ice and a little bit of water this 38-quart cooler can blast cold air from the inside out. Many people are surprised at how well IcyBreeze cools with its 25-mph breeze.

It’s a simple idea.  By adding a couple of quarts of water to your ice the device can circulate that ice cold water through a condenser and blow the chilled air wherever you want it to go.  It includes a self-contained rechargeable battery that can pump out the cold air for up to seven hours.  Or,  if you happen to have access to AC power, you can use that to run the cooler indefinitely.

Product inventor and IcyBreeze co-owner Clint Donaldson says, “I was suffering through a baseball game under the hot Oklahoma sun with a cooler full of cold drinks when (the idea) hit me.” The IcyBreeze is the first and only portable air conditioner and cooler that’s small enough to be in the dugout or next to your lawn chair.

For all the details, hop on over to the Icy Breeze website where you can also watch a video and learn about other ways to enjoy the Icy Breeze.

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3 Responses to “Portable Air Conditioner for Your Next Camping Adventure”

  1. James Dewitt says:

    Wonderful info Appreciate it!

  2. Maria Smith says:

    Great information. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Peterson says:

    I like the advice to never try to repair the AC unit by using your self. It makes sense that trying a restore or diagnostic yourself should lead to greater damage to the device. It’s something I’ll hold in thoughts for the next time my unit breaks as I want to ensure I have it for a long term.

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