Wheelchair-Bike Tandem

Frank Mobility Bike

If you are a cyclist that knows a disabled person that would like to share the joy of cycling,  you should look into the Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem.  When ready to cycle,  it’s basically an adult tricycle with a wheelchair set in front of the handle bars.  As shown in the inset above,  the wheelchair can be removed for normal use.  Frank Mobility Systems says:

“The colorfully designed DUET is a wheelchair bicycle tandem that combines the latest in cycle technology with advanced wheelchair design. It’s the exhilaraon of the wind rushing by your face as friends and family ride together!

“Freedom to enjoy the great outdoors like never before! The DUET creates recreational opportunities no other product can provide. The DUET’s “Go-Anywhere” ruggedness and unique design are appealing to people of all ages and abilities.”

Get all the details at www.frankmobility.com and connect on Facebook to see the device in action.

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  1. Amy M Blaze says:

    price and order info for Bike Tandem?

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