Eli Elk and the Need for Conservation Funding

Eli Elk

Eli the Elk

That’s Eli Elk (middle name ‘the’ with a small ‘t’).  His message is “Conserve today for access tomorrow.”  Eli is the brainchild of The Corps Network.  The Corps Network is a group of agencies and organizations that enroll young adults in development programs that provide them with job training, academic programming, leadership skills, and additional support.


Mission of The Corps Network:

The Corps Network provides critical leadership to the Corps movement and to our nation’s Service and Conservation Corps as they harness the power of youth and young adults to tackle some of America’s greatest challenges and transform their own lives.

Eli is intended to remind everyone of the importance of public lands and the funding needed to conserve, protect and make them available to the public with nothing more than a nominal fee.

Social Media Campaign

Eli is the basis for a social media campaign intended to raise public awareness and generate a groundswell of support for programs that benefit public lands, including things like budgets for the Park Service, Forest Service and BLM, and the Soil and Water Conservation Fund, as well as projects and programs that enhance the outdoor recreation experience and help fund the work of various conservation corps.

The idea is to print a picture of Eli then take a selfie with him on public land somewhere (could be a National Park or a local playground).  Then, Tweet or post your photo along with your message of support for your public lands.  Use these tags: #EliElk #outdoors4all @USDA @forestservice @TheCorpsNetwork to be sure they can collect your sentiments.

If you aren’t very creative,  they even offer suggested posts you can use, like:


I’m enjoying this public space w/ #EliElk. Fund conservation so there can be #outdoors4all @USDA @forestservice @TheCorpsNetwork

Get the Details

You can get all the details and higher resolution picture of Eli at www.corpsnetwork.org/eli-elk then get out and enjoy your public lands.

Please Share

#EliElk #outdoors4all @USDA @forestservice @TheCorpsNetwork

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