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While you are very welcome to comment on any of our stories, we don’t offer a formal forum.  A forum offers you the opportunity to create your own topics and respond to the topics of others that are typically much more wide-ranging than the articles in Explore!    There are some great forums out there that may interest you.  As we discover them we’ll develop the partnerships needed to bring them to you.  With that, our first partner is:

Camping Babble – Where Campers Meet

Camping BabbleAs the name implies, Camping Babble is for campers.  It offers Camping Chat,  Local Chat, and General Chat with a range of topics in each category and you can start your own topic if you wish.  It has the atmosphere of a large campground where there are lots of friendly people, united by a common interest, discussing the broad range of topics related to camping.  The forum is actively monitored, so, like here, you won’t see a lot of spam and other nonsense to waste your time and try your patience.  We think you will enjoy it.

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