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Jerry HaugenHello Fellow Adventurer,

Scientists are now revealing that the lack of contact with nature is one of the biggest contributors to physical and mental heath issues.  Modern life seems to lead to all kinds of stress, but nature can wipe it away.  Research has even shown that the mere act of watching a video of a scene from nature will measurably reduce stress levels.  If you are stressed right now,  choose an article and watch the video – see if it helps.   An even better prescription is to get outdoors and see what you can see.  A local park can give you a place to explore away from the rush of your daily life – you don’t need a National Park!

Our mission is to improve your health by encouraging you to explore the outdoors.  From your yard to your world, your explorations will help you understand nature, yourself and the other inhabitants of this beautiful planet.  Personally,  I can attest to the fact that an over-60-year-old with a pacemaker can accomplish all the adventures in our articles and become more healthy doing so. We hope Global Creations EXPLORE! eMagazine will inspire you to get outdoors and get exploring.

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Why Global Creations? Our organization,  Global Creations, began in 1999 by creating websites with a global reach.   But, there are many more creations on this globe – those are the Global Creations we’ll be exploring here.  We began this eMagazine in early 2010 so we could share those explorations with you as our small contribution to your health.

In 2015 we decided to create a sister website specifically focused on heath issues for baby boomers and seniors.  Many aging people want to continue enjoying outdoor adventures, but have trouble doing so for various physical reasons.  At Power to Explore we’ll be examining various health issues and solutions as we help people get out and explore.

Jerry Haugen, Pathfinder and CEO of Global Creations LLC
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