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Like every expedition, Explore! will be accepting sponsors (also known as advertisers).  Sponsors contribute financially and in other ways to make this expedition a success.  There are four levels of sponsorship that we honor at specific places in the eMagazine:

  1. non-profit organizations can help by simply linking to Global Creations Explore!  with some kind words, but without contributing funds.  We will honor these sponsors in a 300X100 pixel position at the bottom of the sponsors block on the home page.  You can suggest your organization’s website and we’ll decide if it compliments our mission before it appears. An unlimited number of non-profit sponsors may appear here in rotation.
  2. sponsors that contribute financially have several options:
    • a  300X250 pixel block that appears at the top of the sponsor section of the sidebar on the home page and all articles, but not in the Explore! Store.  These sponsors will rotate so a different one will appear whenever a user moves to a new page. We will add additional custom spaces to the sponsor area as needed.
    • a 300X250 pixel block that appears at the top of the sidebar on all pages and articles except the home page and the Explore! Store. These sponsors will rotate so a different one will appear whenever a user moves to a new page.
    • various size blocks in a fixed position (no rotation) on any article .
  3. we will be periodically sending an opt-in email newsletter to our readers.  The newsletter will update readers on new articles, upcoming events and other things that don’t fit well within the eMagazine format.  We will include information from a few sponsors in each newsletter.  There is a separate fee for inclusion in the newsletter.  Please sign up for the newsletter via the form to the right to see how we insure no one subscribes without their permission.
  4. If you would like us to explore a specific location on the planet for you, you can finance our adventure and we’ll do it. You’ll even get free recognition on the resulting pages permanently. Initially our Pathfinder and Chief Scout will constitute our minimal expedition to your site – you provide a Guide if needed. Contact us with your idea.

Financial contributions are based upon pageviews.   You may purchase as many pageviews as you wish in blocks of 10,000 at $200 each.  Our system allows you to change your ad content, online, at any time. It also advises you by email, at intervals you select, of the pageviews and click-throughs produced for you. This allows you to test various copy in your ad and on your website to maximize your results.  You can control your costs and the quality of viewers by choosing proper placement of your advertisement.  For example,  if you want to reach our readership, in general, your ad can appear on every page and reach your pageview limit relatively quickly.  If, for example, you want to target those interested in Crater Lake National Park in the winter, your ad can be attached to that specific article and $200 will keep your ad available for a much longer time.

You get to design your own, full-color recognition.  Naturally, like everything submitted for publishing, it will be subject to our approval.  Unlike print publications that  print X number of copies and claim those copies are read by multiple people, you will know exactly how many times your recognition appeared for someone to view and how many times those viewers clicked to your website.

We will only accept tasteful copy that meshes nicely with the decor of our website and links to companies we think will be of interest to our readers.  Feel free to design your own ad within the parameters we have outlined here.

Contact us with any questions or to order your placement.

All information on this page is subject to change.  Check back here to discover those changes.

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