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Thank you for joining the Discover Club.   You now have access, via the password below, to the Discover Club section of this website and our special eBook Historical Exploration for Modern Explorers and well as other ebooks and exclusive content.  To get Historical Exploration for Modern Explorers now, Click Here.

To access Historical Exploration for Modern Explorers and your other free gifts, click the “Discover Club” item in the top menu and enter this password:


In the next few days you will get a couple of emails from us to help you find stories of interest here.  You will also get our weekly Outdoor Newsletter via email.  Our newsletter will provide some information to help you better explore your world, outdoor news, announcements about new content here (including new articles and ebooks), and special offers from our sponsors.

For example,  you might want to improve the quality of your photography or learn how to get great landscape photos as you explore.  Evan Sharboneau has developed a very affordable and complete video training course that is guaranteed to help you consistently produce high quality photos.   Evan sponsors this website and our email readers learned about his course right away.  That notice was only a tiny part of our email message that week.  Each week we discuss what’s happening in the world of  exploration, adventure and outdoor recreation in general.  You can find our past Outdoor Newsletters on the Discover Club page.

Please note that we will never give, rent or sell any of your information to anyone else.  It will be used only to send you information and to provide access to your special content.  Note that you may unsubscribe from our email list at any time by clicking the link provided at the bottom of any email message you get from us.  Contact us if you have any problems.  Also, a reply to any of our emails goes directly to Jerry, our Pathfinder.  He will get back to you in short order.

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