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Bicycle Route 66

Route 66
Route 66 is the Will Rogers Highway and the Main Street of America. It crosses America’s heartland on its way from Chicago to Los Angeles. It’s also a great route for those of you that enjoy road cycling. To make bicycling along the route easier, the non-profit, Adventure Cycling Association has released a series of maps designed just for bicyclists that want to travel the famous highway.

“The vision for Bicycle Route 66 is the same as the original vision for Route 66, which was to connect the main streets of rural and urban communities,” said Ginny Sullivan, Adventure Cycling’s director of travel initiatives. “Bicycle Route 66 will be a perfect choice for traveling cyclists looking to explore the American heartland’s natural beauty, history, and funky out-of-the-way places.”

The maps feature turn-by-turn directions, detailed navigational instructions, elevation profiles, and services cyclists will need along the route. They will help you explore, at your own pace, the surviving pieces of architecture, abandoned bridges, landmarks, businesses, and historically important communities from the golden era of the famed highway. “This route can be done as a camping tour in roadside campgrounds, however there are many unique motels along the route which make this a good credit-card touring route. Eating in the old cafes and diners is part of the charm,” said Lon Haldeman, an experienced Route 66 bicycle-tour leader.

For more details and to purchase the maps, see the Adventure Cycling Association website.


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