Where to Hike?

Looking for a great place to hike?

Here are some ways to get started when you have no idea about where to hike:

Mt. Scott Trail – Oregon, USA
  • Try Google.com. Search for something like: hiking and the location. For example: hiking oregon. This should get you a list of websites and books about hiking and trails in the specified area. The more specific the area you provide to Google, the more targeted the results.
  • If you want to hike in the U.S., All Trails: Trail Guides & Maps for Hiking, Camping, and Running has a search system that will help you find trails in your area. There may be something similar in your country.
  • Get a detailed topographic map for your area of interest and see what it shows for trails. Most of these maps are free to download at: USGS Store | USGS Store. Click “Find Maps by Location”, click “The World” and search for maps in your country or click “U.S. Map Locator” and zoom into the map to find detailed maps in your area. Also, you can Google something like ‘topographic maps’ your country to see if there are maps available from other organizations.
  • Ask your outdoorsy friends where they like to hike and if there is an outdoors group that goes on hikes.

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