Lightning Safety

Lightening Strikes

Hazards of Lightning

  • At 11:30am on June 28, 2015 lightning began striking Mt. Bierstadt  in the Mount Evans Wilderness of Pike National Forest.  Eight people were injured and three were hospitalized, a dog died.  They were 500 feet below the summit.
  • On July 17, Ryan Pocius and his bride Kathleen Bartlett were hiking on Colorado’s Mount Yale during their honeymoon when they were struck by lightning at 12,400 feet.  Kathleen died and Ryan was hospitalized.  Two other people were injured.
  • A lightning strike in Del Mar Park in Aurora, Colorado, on July 18, sent four people to the hospital with minor injuries, the lightning didn’t actually hit anyone.
  • By July 15, twenty people had died from injuries associated with lightning strikes in the U.S.  in 2015.  Typically,  49 people die each year from lightning strikes.  In most cases these deaths are preventable.

Don’t Become a Statistic

Learn all you can about lightning safety starting with today’s EXPLORE! article on the subject.  Then heed the great advice!

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