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Nature Kids Radio, an audio podcast, has a mission of getting kids outside, but it doesn’t stop there.   Host Kenny Ballentine, founder of Nature Kids Institute, says, the podcast is “completely dedicated to reconnecting children families and the entire human species with the wonders of nature.” That dovetails nicely with our mission of getting everyone outside.  Ballentine just started the podcast’s  second season with an episode featuring Richard Louv talking about topics associated with Nature Deficit Disorder.

Interview with Richard Louv

Louv is, as we have mentioned before, the author of several great books including:

In this 25 minute episode, Ballentine interconnects his comments with a recording of his interview with Louv’s comments.  He basically introduces the topic and lets Louv provide the details.  Topics include:

Louv- Vitamin N

  • Lack of beneficial outdoor time
  • Parental control of kid’s play
  • Fear of nature and lawyers
  • Socio-economic barriers to getting outdoors
  • Our vision of the far future and the need for a positive view of the future with nature
  • What fills Louv with hope
  • The role of the new nature movement

Other Interviews

Earlier episodes had in-depth interviews with:

I don’t know what topics he has coming, but Ballentine promises at least 11 more episodes published on a weekly basis.

Start Listening Now

These podcasts are well produced and the guests offer fascinating insight on various aspects of getting back to nature.  I found the episodes surprisingly easy and enlightening listening.  Not only will you learn a lot, but you’ll understand the thinking of the authors before you buy their books. You can find them, and listen free, on iTunes.

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