Old Bicycles are Fine


Peugeot PX-10

I got my first really good 10-speed bike in Albany, New York in 1975.  It was a Peugeot PX-10, a racing bike that had carried some great riders to success in the Tour de France.

My first really good mountain bike arrived in 1988.  I was leaving Libby, Montana and closing the little bike repair shop I had in my garage. The bike, a Specialized StumpJumper Comp (a “hard tail” in today’s parlance), was obtained in trade for my remaining inventory of parts and supplies.

Stump Jumper Comp

Specialized StumpJumper Comp

I still have and ride those two bikes and have no other bikes – well, except for an old Schwinn 10-speed with a bent wheel and fork.  The PX-10 is now 40 years old and the StumpJumper is 27.  Point is, an old bike is just fine if it was a good one to begin with and you keep it maintained.

You can either maintain it yourself or get everything greased , oiled and repaired at your favorite bike shop and it will be as good as new for decades.

So, get a good bike and use it forever.  Don’t let the age of your bike keep you from riding!




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