The Nation’s Christmas Tree

General Grant Tree

Photo Courtesy of Christoph Rückert and Kirsten Auferkorte

The first Christmas program was held at the General Grant Tree in 1925.  President Calvin Coolidge designated the General Grant Tree as the Nation’s Christmas Tree on April 28, 1926 and a program has been held there every year since then. Each year on the 2nd Sunday of December, the Sanger Chamber of Commerce hosts the Trek to the Nation’s Christmas Tree Ceremony.

You don’t need to wait for the Trek,  you can visit the tree anytime.  It’s in the General Grant Grove of King’s Canyon National Park, California.  If you go in the winter, chains may be required on your tires and you should be prepared for snow and general winter weather!  Be sure to check the Park’s website at for current conditions and more information before you go.

Merry Christmas from EXPLORE!



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