Ever see a hamster run around inside a little ball?  Well, zorbing is like that, but for people.  The outdoor activity puts people inside a transparent plastic ball that is inside another transparent plastic ball then rolls them down a hill for distances of up to a half mile.  Zorbing can also take place on flat ground where the rider can propel the orb by walking inside of it.   Unlike a hamster ball, zorbs are made of light weight, flexible plastic that offers plenty of padding for the rider.  In some incarnations, the zorb rider may be strapped into a seat rather than bouncing around inside the sphere.

Special venues and events for zorbing are located around the world.  For example the Extreme Zorbing – Northern Ireland Adventureland Weekend coming up on March 29. As with most outdoor activities, there are those that prefer competition.  There have been Zorb soccer games, zorb bowling and a couple of zorb events in the Guiness Book of World Records.   The following video will give you some idea of what a zorb ride is like.


Can’t see the video? Try this link: youtu.be/-fq-nMHNnQg

Zorb is a registered trademark of the manufacturer of the Zorb balls.

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2 Responses to “Zorbing”

  1. Great video! Looks like a ton of fun! Brilliant idea to use gopro’s and film the expereince from inside the Zorb Ball.

    If you’re looking for Zorbing in your area, checkout Hostible.com. There’s a ton of activities including Zorbing.

  2. Ravi says:

    Ha ha good one, its very funny activity to do for the kids

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