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Writers, Photographers, Videographers

We need people capable of writing, photographing and videoing their adventures.

If you can:

  • write quality articles in the style of a travel or outdoor magazine
  • provide photographs to go with your article,  AND
  • create a 3 to 5 minute video about your adventure, including you introducing yourself and providing a quick overview and a reference to this website (see the videos associated with recent articles to get the idea).

we are interested.

Our editors will review your work and determine whether it is suitable for this eMagazine.  If we accept your submission, we’ll edit as needed and add it to the eMagazine with your byline.  We will purchase the rights to your content when your article is accepted for publication. The bottom line here is that you, personally, must actually explore the physical location you are writing about and you must hold the copyright to all of the material.  We are not likely to publish articles that appear elsewhere on the world-wide-web, but we might publish your article if it appeared in a print magazine and that magazine does not have the right to publish it on the world-wide-web.  Contact us to learn more, including specifications for your photos and video.

In addition to articles about places, you can propose a topic that meshes with our other content. For example: geocaching, photography, equipment reviews, health issues . . . Obviously these need to be written in a style appropriate to the topic and you must have personal experience or special qualifications related to the topic. Library research papers won’t work for us.


We also need salespeople.  These people will be selling the sponsorships that make this eMagazine possible.  To get a rough idea about the products you’ll be selling, see the ‘Sponsoring’ page.  We will pay a straight 20% commission.  Contact us if you’d like to learn more.


If there is a local business – or several – that might like to put their sponsorship recognition (i.e. advertisement) with your article or you know  of someone that would like the broader exposure from being in our sidebar, you can sell ads too.  You’ll be compensated for your article and the ads you sell.

Stay Tuned

We are still working on all the details and are not yet purchasing publication rights.  Please contact us if you’d like to be on our list of potential authors or salespeople.  Be sure to include your name, address, email address and information about yourself and your abilities.

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