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We reviewed Richard Wiese’s book Born to Explore: How to be a Backyard Adventurer several years ago.  Wiese is also the host of an ABC TV (USA) show entitled Born to Explore that airs Saturday mornings.  Now in its fourth season, the show has Wiese leading us on some fabulous expeditions around the world.  Each episode is narrated by Wiese who provides a great deal of supporting information on each topic.  You can get the details on air dates and times as well as access to some past episodes on TV Guide’s website.  For up-to-date news on Wiese’s activities check out his blog.

If you have the means to visit the locales featured in the TV show, go for it. If not,  you can get vicarious contact with nature by watching the TV show and you can read the book to learn how to explore much closer to home.

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