Born to Explore

Born to Explore Book Cover

Born to Explore by Richard Wiese

I wrote a full review of this book in the eMagazine, but wanted to mention it here for those that missed the article.  I summarized my review this way:

Overall, this book brought back memories from around age ten or twelve when I made bread-on-a-stick, built an iglo0, learned to use a compass, played with electric fences,  made lightening in my mouth, searched for fossils, determined the height of  trees, tracked animals and tried various activities that Wiese doesn’t mention.  If I had had this book at that age,  I would also would have been likely to try coke bottle fishing, building a bat house, creating a ninja hood, cooking in a paper bag and more.  Of course, when I was that age there were no computers or video games to provide me with canned entertainment and distract me from learning useful things.”

The book is primarily aimed at kids that spend too much time indoors.  If you know a kid like that, it would make a great gift!

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