Missing Vacations

According to Oxford Economics in a report for the U.S. Travel Association:

  • Americans are taking less vacation time than at any point in the last nearly four decades. In 2013, employees entitled to paid time off (PTO) took an average of 16 days of vacation compared to an average of 20 days as recently as 2000.
  • Among employees with PTO, nearly five days went unused in 2013. Of those five days, 1.6 days will be permanently lost, totaling 169 million days across the workforce.
  • By choosing to work instead of taking PTO, employees are essentially working for their employers for free. The 169 million days of forfeited PTO equates to $52.4 billion in lost benefits.
  • Employees who forfeit PTO do not receive raises or bonuses at a faster rate than those who take all of their vacation time. However, employees leaving days on the table report higher levels of stress at work.

It won’t hurt your work situation if you take the vacation days you have earned, but it will hurt you.

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