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We’ve mentioned several research efforts that have shown the benefits of being outdoors in nature and we’ve even noted that if nature was a drug, your doctor would prescribe it to you.  Well, Dream Tree Films and Productions with Justin Bogardus, Joseph Victorine, Jed Lazar and Cassandra Ellis have taken the idea a step farther.  They are developing a series of commercials that treat the outdoors as a prescription drug.  The idea is that nature has a marketing problem – people just aren’t getting outdoors enough.   The series of commercials they are developing are intended to encourage people to get outdoors more.

Prescription Strength Nature

The product is Prescription Strength Nature (Terra mater), brought to you by the same people that introduced Getting Outside.  The commercial claims that Prescription Strength Nature can reduce:

  • cynicism,
  • meaninglessness,
  • anal retentiveness,
  • murderous rage,
  • consumerism and
  • work induced catatonia.

Fortunately there are a few side effects including:

  • slowing down,
  • quitting your job,
  • seriously considering what you are doing with your life,
  • experiencing spontaneous euphoria,
  • taking yourself less seriously,
  • remembering you have a body and
  • being in a good mood for no apparent reason
Results may vary, golf is not Nature. 

The video has almost a million views on YouTube since its debut on August 4. It has also won the best short or best short short film with the following awards:

  • Colorado Environmental Film Festival
  • Going Green Audience Awards
  • Rainforest Partnership – Films for the Forest (Audience Choice Winner)
  • Earth Port Film Festival

Here is the first commercial, with more to come:

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