Multi-Generational Playgrounds

Multi-generational playgrounds provide spaces for people of all ages to gather and enjoy the benefits of healthy physical activity.  In the past playgrounds have been for kids – with perhaps, a swing an adult could use.  Multi-generational playgrounds incorporate activities for adults beyond just a swing or two.  Most commonly these playgrounds include basketball and tennis courts.  More recently they have included fitness equipment, like that provided by Outdoor-Fitness, with instructions on how to perform particular exercises with the machines.  These fitness parks are great, but they miss the point.  Playgrounds should be for play.  If one gets fit in the process all the better.  Swings, monkey bars, climbing walls, merry-go-rounds, teeter-totters and many other playground toys could be sized up for adult use – just for fun.  Mix them with similar toys for kids and parents will no longer be able to contain themselves to a bench.

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