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Kids on the Beach

Irina Musuc, wrote about Outdoor activities in different countries in the Multicultural Kids Blogs.  She notes that the outdoor activities pursued in different countries “depends on climate, geographical zone, landscape, habits, traditions and even values people have in a particular country.”  To make her point, she contacted parents in ten countries and asked them to share their favorite outdoor activities.  

If there is an ocean nearby, people love to go there and play on the beaches.  If there is no ocean people love their nearby lakes.  

In highly developed countries like the Netherlands and Australia, kids are offered lots of playgrounds and a wide array of training in things like swimming.  In lesser developed countries, kids enjoy a lot of traditional outdoor games.

In urban China, play tends to be quite structured and older kids are so intensely in the education system that they have little time for outdoor play.

I think Ms Musuc makes her point. While there are a few common denominators like oceans and lakes, people around the world seem to develop a love for the outdoors in many ways.

Be sure to read her story and follow the links to learn about a variety of outdoor games from different countries that you might like to play with your kids.


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