National Day of Adventure

National Day of Adventure

swiss army knifeThere is a national day for about everything, but the most recent invented day is for adventurers!  This national day is the brainchild of Men’s Journal and Victorinox (famed for Swiss army knives).  The National Day of Adventure, this year, is October 14, this coming Friday.  My first reaction to the date was the thought that most people are working and are not available for significant adventures on a Friday.  While the proponents suggest that you call in sick and ditch work for the day saying it is “a skip day for adults,” it’s probably better for your karma to schedule a vacation day if that’s at all possible.

Adventure Day Activities

If you can,  take the day and enjoy an adventure.  Here are some opportunities specifically associated with the National Day of Adventure:

  • water bottleNew York, NY – Adventure training run, surfboard fitness class, trapeze school, scavenger hunt
  • Short Hills, NJ – scavenger hunt
  • Brooklyn, NY – rock climbing
  • Weatherly, PA – rafting trip
  • Tukwila, WA – indoor skydiving
  • Seattle, WA – indoor climbing, scavenger hunt
  • Ponca, AR – canoeing, backpacking, ziplining
  • Marshall, NC – rafting, caving
  • Erwin, TN – rafting, caving
  • Virginia Beach, VA – kayak tour
  • Lansing, WV – walking tour
  • Austin, TX – climbing, indoor skydiving
  • Marina Del Ray, CA – paddle boarding/yoga
  • Universal City, CA – indoor skydiving
  • Los Angeles, CA – indoor rock climbing, trapeze school, scavenger hunt
  • Buena Vista, CO – dude ranch activities
  • Minneapolis, St Paul and Duluth MN – indoor climbing, paintball, scavenger hunt
  • Bloomington, MN – snorkeling
  • Loundonville, OH – canoe trip
  • Sauk City and Boscobel, WI – canoe trip
  • Niagara, WI – rafting, rock climbing, zip lining, paintball, kayaking, paddle boarding

For all the details on each of these opportunities see the organizers’ event page.

Create Your Own Adventure

If you can’t get to one of these places to enjoy an adventure,  you can use these events for ideas to create your own adventure. For more adventures you can try or just for ideas,  see our eMagazine or articles from Men’s Journal.  If all else fails,  just go for a walk or a bike ride – no telling what adventure you might discover.

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