Find a New Adventure is a new website platform designed for hosts, especially amateurs, to bring their offerings to a broader audience and for adventurers to find new opportunities. If you want to take individuals, families or larger groups on birding tours, on a hike, on a backpacking trip, on a bike ride, on a fishing trip or whatever, Hostible aims to connect you to your potential clients.  Adventurers are sure to find something new to try on Hostible.

Andrew Rodgers - Hostible

Andrew Rodgers

Hostible’s Creator

The creater of Hostible, Andrew Rodgers, from Louisville, Kentucky, came up with the idea when he was looking for a fishing guide that was affordable.  He says, “That is when it occurred to me, that there must be thousands of experts in various hobbies, passions, lifestyles and pursuits that offer fresh experiences to the public!”  Hostible was born. Rodgers is working on the project by himself!  He began developing the website in January 2018 and launched it in March.

What is Hostible About?

Hostible LogoRodgers says, “The heart of what I’m trying to do, is to create a free, open platform for hobbyists to monetize their hobbies without commercializing it. Think of it like a craigslist for experiences and classes. Currently, there are quite a few businesses who have posted, but my goal is that 80% of the experiences posted, would be from Hosts who are amateurs or do it part-time.”  As for himself he adds, “I love to spend time outdoors with my family and we are constantly trying out new activities together. ” The bottom line, Hostible is about “Sharing Authentic Life Experiences.”

Finding Adventures on Hostible

The website has two orientations:

  • Experiences including key categories of adventures, outdoor, and tours along with art, cooking, crafting, farm and garden, group, and indoor.
  • Locality (city/state) so that you can find a great activity wherever you are.

It also has search functions so you can find specific activities by location if you wish.

So far, there are 320+ experiences across 25 cities and growing.  Some activities that may interest you are zorbing, bushcraft, scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, scavenger hunts, survival training, horseback riding, river sports (stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, river tours etc.) and many more.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for new skills and avenues for exploring the outdoors, check out for your next adventure!

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