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November Project™ is a free fitness movement started by Bojan Mandaric and Brogan Graham in Boston.  The movement involves loosely knit groups of people from all walks of life and all physical conditions that get together to exercise.  A 60 minute event might involve warm-ups, calisthenics, running, jogging, walking, stair climbing and more, all presented in a way that helps all the participants enjoy whatever workout they can manage with lots of encouragement from others.

Outside Magazine quoted Ian Nurse, one of the participants, as saying:  “It’s like a cult in a positive way.  It’s just hundreds of friends playing at 6:30 a.m.  We’re building community and accidentally getting fit.”  As he suggests, a big part of the movement is building camaraderie among everyone involved.  

Most of this community is in real life, but some spills over to the November Project™ website where participants can use the “We Missed You” section to chide their friends that promised to show up and didn’t.  You can also download a “ticket” that you can print, add your comments and hand out to encourage someone to make their day in a positive way.   The website includes a section where you can sign up, join a “tribe” in your city and record your accomplishments.

To become a member of the movement, one only needs to show up.  Where and when can you show up? Well, you have your choice of  19 cities in the U.S. and Canada with more being added all the time.  Just check the November Project website at for all the details.

No tribe in your city?  Anyone can start a free fitness community anywhere, but if you want to be affiliated with the November Project, you will need to read and understand the requirements and commitments that come with leading a tribe. The commitments are more than you might imagine.

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