Orienteering Map


Orienteering is a walk or run that may be competitive and requires participants to read a map and use a compass to find and follow the quickest path from one established point to another in sequence, typically across unfamiliar terrain.

Orienteering offers explorers two things:

  • Practice using a map and compass.  Orienteers are given a map like the one above and must find their way from one control point to the next, not in a straight line, but along the fastest route.  They must quickly orient their map to magnetic north with their compass and set off to the next control point in the proper direction.  They also must be able to orient themselves along the way to get to the point as quickly as possible.
  • Exploring the details of a specific area.  Provided maps are typically 1:10,000 scale (1 cm to 100 meters) and quite detailed.  First the orienteer becomes familiar with the area as displayed on the map then experiences it first hand along the chosen route.

If you’d like to learn more about this fascinating sport, check out today’s article in EXPLORE! the eMagazine – it’s a great way to explore!


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