Stress, Anxiety and The Solace of Nature

Solace in Nature

People search everywhere for health and for natural remedies to bring it to them.  There are all kinds of natural remedies for stress and anxiety and they typically arrive in the form of a capsule of one powdered herb or another.  However, the wild comfort and solace of nature is increasingly being shown to be the number one natural remedy for your health and its free if you can get to it.  Here’s what Richard Louv, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Children & Nature Network and author of  The Nature Principle recently had to say on his New Nature Movement blog:

“Not everyone has the ability to seek out nature in difficult times. One must acknowledge that inequity, and another reality: The people who lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy or the people of the drowned parishes of New Orleans or the irradiated mud fields of post-tsunami Japan found no solace in the natural world.

“Still, in dark times, one human impulse is to find kinship with other species and connection to elements beyond the headlines, where we feel larger forces at work, and know that all things must pass.

“At the saturation point, the rush of water on a stream or a sudden storm on a high trail or a discovered quiet corner of an urban park is preferable to the inundation of media coverage that, hour after hour repeats itself, until our response to the pain on the screen seems to move beyond empathetic to gratuitous. How much of modern life is spent adrift in vicarious experience, second-hand reality, the pain of endless war brought to you by liquid cleansers?”

Difficult times are the times we need nature the most,  but a little dose once a day and more on the weekend can go a very long way in reducing the stress and anxiety that seems an integral part of the modern world.  Try seeking solace in nature, it will do your body good.

“Nature brings solace in all troubles.”  Anne Frank in The Diary of a Young Girl.

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