5 Reasons to Love Winter Camping

Winter Campground

Photo by New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation

Winter camping requires a bit more skill than summer camping due to the potential for dangerous conditions associated with temperature and snow.  Nonetheless, many people love winter camping.  Here are five reasons:

  1. There are no bugs.  Well, there may be a few, but far fewer than even the most bug-free summer days.
  2. There are no bears.  They are hibernating, so don’t go poking around in places where they might be sleeping – they will wake up and not be happy.
  3. There are few other people.  You can get solitude in the summer by just getting a couple miles away from a parking lot.  In the winter,  you may find solitude in the parking lot.
  4. It’s peaceful and quiet.  Ever heard the sound of snow falling?  Yes, it can be that quiet.
  5. The scenic beauty is entirely different.  In deciduous forests, you can see much farther in the winter, so you can spot fascinating rock formations, ponds and other natural features that would have been invisible in the summer. The snow decorating all of nature will take your breath away.

If you wonder how winter camping and the sound, or not, of a tree falling in the forest are related, hop on over to our partner forum, find out and join the discussion.

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