Winter Driving

Snowy Mountains

One of the major factors that cause explorers to miss out on winter adventures is the fear of driving in snowy and icy conditions.  Most of us need to drive somewhere to get to a new adventure, so it is critical to know how to drive in winter conditions.

Advice from the American Automobile Association

The following video offers a quick overview that will get you thinking about how to drive safely in snow and ice:

For more details, be sure to check out the AAA website and study their free brochure.

Part of the Adventure

The travel to your chosen exploration site is part of the adventure.  In all cases you will have some sort of survival kit with you along with plenty of food and water (right?).  If you are prepared for a few nights outdoors in the snow, you should be safe if you get stuck somewhere, until help arrives.  That means putting your backpack, set up for winter camping, in your vehicle.  If you need to use it,  you will have an unplanned adventure and a great story to tell.

To be sure help arrives sooner rather than later,  let someone at home knows where you are going, the route you are taking and when you plan to return.  Remember that in many places your cell phone will not work.

With proper preparation and care, your winter adventure can be safe and enjoyable no matter what you encounter along the way.

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