Tentsile – The Treehouse Tent

Sunset in a Tentsile

I came across the Tentsile Tree Tent and thought it looked pretty interesting.  This two-person tent is essentially a suspended hammock with an integrated tent.  It’s not exactly a hammock because the floor of the tent is attached to three trees.  The straps that attach to the trees are tensioned with ratchets, just like a slackline.  This creates a triangular floor with the tent attached to the top.  The tent is then set up by inserting the poles and locking them in place much like any tent.

The tree tent is hung a few feet off the ground, so getting in is about the same process as getting into a hammock.   The sent sleeps two and there is dry space beneath it for extra gear.

It comes with a rainfly that goes over the tent for extra protection.  The fly can be staked outward to provide a larger dry area under the tent or pinned around the tent to provide more warmth in cold conditions.  If trees are not available, the tent can be strapped to rocks or even vehicles although those don’t seem to be very good options. It can also be set up on the ground like a standard tent.

The beauty of this tent is that it doesn’t matter what the ground conditions are under the tent.  Given trees from which to hang it, the tent can go over rocks, a creek, a steep slope or just your equipment.  It is also possible to hang up to three hammocks under the tent.  With the rainfly in position, all three hammocks can be under cover.

With the tent itself, heavy duty floor material, straps and ratchets,  this is clearly not a backpacking tent, but it looks like a fun option for car camping.

Photo: Courtesy of Tentsile.

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