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Treeline Tent

When I was a kid,  my family traveled from Wisconsin through the Badlands,  Yellowstone, Yosemite and more in an old Willy’s Jeep station wagon and a tent that attached to the rear of it.  With the tailgate down,  we kids would sleep in the Jeep while our parents would sleep in the tent.  Well, tents attached to vehicles have come a long way in the intervening years.

The latest rendition is the 2015 Treeline Outdoors Roof-Top Tent Gen2.  These tents sit on top of the vehicle and cantilever off of the side.  They include a ladder for entry through the floor.  For traveling,  they quickly fold up into something like a car top carrier so you can head down the road.

The version pictured above (photo from Treeline Outdoors) is the Tamarack Constellation Gen2 model ($2,399).  These tents have a lot of features including a high density foam mattress that, along with your bedding and pillows, stays inside the tent when it is folded into travel position. The tent assembly weighs only 97 pounds so it’s no big deal for a couple of people to get it on top of the vehicle.

For an extra $250, you can add the “Annex.”  This is a tent with two mesh windows that attaches to the bottom of the main tent and extends to the ground.  Horizontally, it extends from the vehicle to the end of the cantilevered portion of the main tent.  This puts the ladder inside the Annex.  It makes for some great additional space to meet your needs.

For all the details on the full line of Treeline tents, hop on over to their website.

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