Virtually Outdoors

Outdoor News, December 20, highlighted a new video from Destination British Columbia and noted that they have also produced a virtual reality experience for users of Oculus Rift equipment.  They also produced a “making of” video about the virtual reality experience.  Destination BC has a mission to bring visitors to British Columbia.  If potential visitors can get the experience virtually, will they still want to visit?

Perhaps, someday, virtual reality experiences will replace the real world, but the technology has a long, long way to go.  So far these systems are a treat for our eyes and ears, like videos, plus they provide the control to look around the landscape on your own and sometimes to move in the environment to some degree.    Missing are the smells and feels of the real world.  Also missing are the real dangers and adrenaline rushes of exploring the world on your own.  Will you tread as carefully knowing that a slip will not cause you physical damage – or death?

Virtual experiences will do no more than videos to reduce visitiation to places like British Columbia.  They are, however, extremely valuable for those that cannot, for whatever reason, experience the reality.

There is a lot more to experiencing nature than virtual reality can provide. Get outdoors and check it out.


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