Trash Reminder

1. Trash Reminder

Glacier National Park recently released a reminder to those that have decided its OK to drop trash around our National Parks.

Ibis on the Farm

2. Ibis on the Farm

One of the interesting things about living on a farm is that farm operations can briefly change environmental conditions. Wildlife reacts immediately to these changes. When we cut our grass hay, the ground is suddenly available and...
Nobles Emigrant Trail

3. Nobles Emigrant Trail

In 1851, William Nobles founded a new route to California through lands of the Northern Paiute Tribe. The new trail left the Applegate Trail at Black Rock Springs in Nevada, crossed the Black Rock Playa, passed near what is now...
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Commitment Devices

Commitment Devices
Gharad Bryan, Dean Karlan and Scott Nelson of Yale University explored the notion of the ‘committment device’ saying: “Broadly, a commitment device is an arrangement entered into...

Welcome to The Blog

Welcome to The Blog
With this post, I’m launching a new feature for Explore! readers.  It’s cleverly called “The Blog.”  In The Blog,  I’ll be discussing a wide variety of topics...

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