6 Great Gifts for Adventurers

Hiking Gear

There are so many things that an adventurer might need and so many adventures that require different equipment, it’s very difficult to make shopping suggestions that can apply broadly.  Nonetheless,  I’m going to suggest a few things that I have found useful regardless of my adventure.  Most of them have everyday uses beyond outdoor recreation, so you really can’t go wrong with these gifts.

The Great Gifts

A Multi-Tool. There are many styles available at a whole array of prices. I’m partial to the
Leatherman WaveLeatherman® Brand
 and just that brand has many choices.  Personally I carry a Leatherman® Wave® in my pocket all the time.  I use it around the farm for things like cutting open bales of hay, building fences, pruning trees, removing staples, cutting rope, cutting wire, putting in and removing screws, pulling nails, repairing eyeglasses, and on and on.  I wouldn’t know what to do if I reached in my pocket for my Leatherman and didn’t find it there.  It’s certainly not an ultralight backpacking accessory, but for almost any other adventure, it’s sure to be useful at some point.  Leatherman® also offers a 25-year warrantee if you manage to find a way to break your tool.

Lighting.  There are several kinds of lighting systems, so be sure to give headlampconsideration to the type of adventures your explorer might want to pursue.  In many cases a light weight headlamp will be handiest.  These allow your hands to be free if you happen to have the need to hike or set up camp at night.  For car campers,  a lantern is the way to go.  Lanterns are too heavy to be of interest to backpackers, but they are ideal for those that drive to a campsite.  Many are bright enough to light up a wide area.  For a more unusual lighting system, consider Big Agnes’ line of mtnGLO tents.  These high end tents come with a built-in lighting system.  If you don’t want to spring for a complete tent, Big Agnes also sells their lighting system separately so it can be installed in any tent or you can even hang it in the trees.  It’s small and weighs only 3 ounces so backpackers may even enjoy it.

A First Aid Kit.  I got a little Coleman first aid kit to put in my emergency kit.  The prime reason is that it would fit in the First Aid Kitold GPS belt pouch I had. It’s just the right size, doesn’t weigh too much and, with a little supplementation (some moleskin and a couple of other things) it has what I need.  If your adventurer has a car,  a first aid kit for the vehicle is a great idea.  These kits can be larger and contain as much stuff as your budget will allow.  You can go even further and get a survival kit in a bag that includes a first aid kit and much more.  Whatever your adventurer does,  you can probably find a first aid kit that will work for them.

paracordParacord.  I know it’s an odd thing for a gift, but nylon parachute cord has many uses when out exploring or even around the house.  Any adventurer will appreciate the gift.  There are many types of cord that are advertised as paracord, so be sure to get a Type-III, also know as 550, paracord.  This type is heavier and can hold up to 550 pounds, in case your adventurer needs to get out of a really tough situation.  Paracord can be used for all kinds of things from staking out a tent to tying things to whatever to even replacing boot laces.  Paracord can be disassembled and it’s component parts used for fishing line or thread.   In a  survival situation, it’s great for lashing branches together to make a shelter.

Rain Gear.  Any kind of warm weather outdoor recreation can leave your adventurer caught in the rain.  If they live Frogg Toggsoutdoors where it rains all the time or they need to keep dry in the snow, something in GoreTex is the way to go.  For most adventures in drier climates something less expensive will be appreciated.  I carry a Frogg Toggs® Ultra Lite rain suit in my backpack, whether on a multi-day adventure or just a day hike.  This light outfit is made of a laminated polypropylene material that is breatheable and waterproof.  It’s really for occasional use and costs less than $20 so don’t expect it to hold up to a lot of abuse.  If you want a heavier version, try the Frogg Toggs® Pro Action style.  These are mostly marketed to men, but they will fit women as well.  Since rain gear is worn over clothing, be sure to get a larger size than normal.

Food.  Backpackers need light-weight food.  The best freeze dried foods come from foodtwo companies:  Mountain House and Good To-Go.  Both have a nice variety although Good To-Go tends more toward gourmet fare as well as special meals for vegetarians and those that need to avoid gluten.  These packages are designed so that your adventurer can zip open the top, pour in boiling water, wait a few minutes and have a great hot meal.  No need to wash dishes either!  For those that need a large supply to have available in case of an emergency, Mountain House sells complete kits.  Determine the number of people and the number of days and they will have a perfect kit.  These freeze-dried foods are well protected, without chemicals, so they can last for 30 years!


So there you have it, six great gifts any adventurer will appreciate.  There are lots of other great gifts that your adventurer may enjoy.  Look around your favorite outdoor store to find something that matches their particular idea of outdoor adventure.  If you are looking for a bargain, checkout the right side bar found on this web page.  If you have any suggestions for other great gifts, let me know in the web page comments.

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