Achieve Great Things

Achieve Great Things

The Bend Bulletin, February 8, tells the story of Ravi Drugan, a double-amputee who won a bronze medal last month at the X Games in Aspen, Colorado. Drugan won his medal in monoskier cross. He lost his legs in an altercation with a train in 2004. Oregon Adaptive Sports (OAS) has been providing assistance and coaching. According to its mission statement: “Oregon Adaptive Sports exists to provide life-changing outdoor recreation experiences to individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities and, concurrently, to provide their families with the education and skills to enjoy these experiences together. Through participation in Oregon Adaptive Sports’ programs, participants, athletes and families gain confidence and independence, build self-esteem, meet positive role models and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.” Drugan is quoted as saying: “It’s just being able to get out there and realize that you can still do fun things. When I was younger I always wanted to be a pro skateboarder. Now I’m an X Games athlete, which is kind of what I wished for. So I’m like, well, shoot, I guess I’ve kind of got a good life here, right?”

KSL News in Salt Lake City, February 8, reported on the Shriners Un-limb-ited Camp at Park City Mountain Resort and Nicole Davis’s experience there. Davis barely survived birth and ended up with damage to one leg, both feet and both hands. After multiple surgeries and reaching the age of 18, she no longer lets her handicaps slow her down. According to the Un-limb-ited website: “The Un-Limb-ited Camps are staffed by members of physical and recreational therapy, nursing and prosthetics, offering a unique opportunity for high school aged young adults ages 13-17 with amputation, to learn adapted skiing and snowboarding or experience white water river running and camping in the Utah wilderness.” Sixteen other teens joined Davis in this winter’s camp. One girl was born without part of a leg and a boy lost his leg to bone cancer. Most of the kids had amputated limbs.

These are just two of the many organizations with opportunities that help handicapped kids and adults get out and enjoy outdoor activities. If you have a handicap, look around for an organization that might help you achieve great things.  If not,  you can always help organizations like OAS and the Shriners that help others achieve great things.

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